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About Acorders

Our Story

Acorders began in 2020 as a Social Campaign, where Neha Pachade and Hada Kage created content in the form of a workshop experience, testing interactions with a problem set. The campaign created artifacts in the form of social media post and a vlog, Strategy Social. Pulling through lessons learned from observations and engagement during the campaign, Kage designed the Acorders MVP experience. Now, Acorders invites you to join our online community. Acorders is working with Futurist, Professional Coaches and Educators to deliver a digital experience for storytelling and innovation. Acorder (old French): to come into agreement and harmony. We believe your story can have impact. Acorders wants to help you unlock personal vision and strategy for impact. We also see storytelling having the power to shepherd innovation. Let's start drafting your masterpiece. Join our MVP experience. This charter does not alter Terms of Use, Privacy Statement or the Acorders LLC Disclaimer. Endorsing this charter conveys interest in participating in design experiments. It does not constitute a client relationship.

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