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Storytelling for Engineers

What makes up a scientific mind? The roles and positions we play in mustering against chaos are diverse. The Engineer with scientific prowess is essential.

I have had the fortune to observe many players in my career in industrial supply chains. One role that fascinates me is the Engineer. I see this persona can play in multiple positions and arenas. I know Engineers who invent and others who configure value delivery. Some pivot into sales and commercial roles. Others climb in business management after mastering value delivery configuration. I have played my part in leading endeavors with these scientific minds. Together, we converted $90 M of technology and services for Oil and Energy production in global markets. I have enjoyed my journey of coming to understand the Engineer. I can identify those amongst you who are working with your most valuable gifts and aligning them with your strengths.

The Myth

I have written about the Shepherd, a master of human “soft skills”. They will tell you their depth of perception for situational awareness and layered analysis of various forms of information is anything but “soft”. Josh Bersin Company, a Deloitte partner in consulting, published a piece in their online journal. It describes how essential these behavioral skills will be for the future. They call them “power skills”. The best advice I received working with this talent is, “don’t let your intellect cannibalize your humanity”. The ability to inquire, test, observe, analyze and create meaningful information is a powerful tool, especially combined with multiple perspectives. Going back to “Storytelling for Guardians”, this ability takes a balance of humility. Engineers, unfortunately, many of your educational experiences forced you to prune and narrow your field of focus in pursuit of the analytical, mathematical, “hard skills”.

The Engineer is a left-brain dominant person. New research suggests that we all may be whole-brain dominant. As we shift towards a period of increasing chaos and uncertainty, Acorders believes we need to recalibrate our strategies. If the Design world is right about how it will save the world, it can only happen through a partnership with Engineers. We all need you playing at your very best right now. Acorders wants to let go of this myth about right-brain and left-brain dominance. Storytelling can help us bridge our left-brain, right-brain spheres. Acorders invites you to see Science as the application of curiosity at work with creativity and ingenuity. The experts among you I have observed achieving this balanced calibration with scientific inquiry are “Teachers”.

The Story

Those of you who invested in teaching me have supported developing business strategies for project management and technology. One of my most influential growth experiences came in Jacksonville, Fl. As a project manager, I worked with a Chief Principal Engineer commercializing a Nuclear Miansteam Safety Valve in a newly commissioned factory. When we faced qualification challenges during our testing, he gained space to focus under a cover I could provide. I had prepared myself to articulate the situation. I could model the uncertainty for the project and the business by applying the depth of understanding I had gained in our partnership. He then benefited from the opportunity to narrow his focus and delivered incredible results for us. He also provided valuable and heartfelt feedback after occasions when he saw me go to battle with the forces of chaos. Together, we effectively pushed back on constraints and limitations we faced in the project delivery and achieved a meaningful outcome for all the stakeholders involved. I am forever grateful and look for the opportunity to serve value, give back and invest in this person and others like him.

Another scientific mind and "Teacher" I have come to know is a muse and imagined benefactor. At the end of 2019, I pledged to aid anyone in my network who needed help on a negotiable task. My friend came forward wanting to get back into work after having her baby. I asked her to share her resume and we began to talk. I asked her a series of questions about her story. Some of the questions were sensory-based, some were emotive. The point was to trigger her consciousness on different levels. Afterward, I asked her to revise her resume based on our conversations. Over a few weeks, she found that our talks also helped her identify and face the obstacles in her path. After a month, she managed to get hired by one of the industrial conglomerates. I will continue to aid her wherever I can and strive to connect her to an ecosystem for prosperity. We have a mutually beneficial relationship that is ideal for collaborating. In one of my favorite moments with her, she gave me the exact technical explanation of a chemical test and process. In another, she gave me valuable insight into how she perceived agency, order, and structure. She has high situational awareness and a hard work ethic.

Brilliant scientific minds like this must be valued for their ability to go in-depth with their focus and domain choices. Depth comes with trade-offs in perception and narrows the playing field. Acorders suggests working with the whole brain within a smart network.

What We Do

People like my friends are not always matched well in complementary relationships with project and business managers. This is a problem with the rate of innovation we need to sustain right now. Acorders has observed the dynamics of this dilemma while workshopping. We have also engaged the solutions with storytelling in different arenas. Storytelling will rebalance our spheres while connecting us in co-benefit and value exchanging practices.

Join our community and participate in the design process with us. Acorders is building a digital experience for storytellers of impact. We are aligning people with their stories and building impact together. Engineers, are you working with a good "Shepherd" and "Maestro"? Is there guardianship around your work? Do you have the right amount of security to engage with your gifts? Let us start small and grow gradually then suddenly together.

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